Do Not Go To a Coding Bootcamp, and Why I went to a Coding Bootcamp

Backside Explosion Meme

Going To Bootcamp

After Graduation

  • applied to 1,013 jobs in 6 months+,
  • was ghosted by 70% of them,
  • participated in dozens of interviews and made it through different stages,
  • was referred to as Allen (my name is Aaron),
  • a recruiter reached out from a company I already had an interview with, kid you not
  • spent hundreds of hours on take-home exercises,
  • declined 2 offers,
  • stopped participating in 1 process after accepting another offer,
  • accepted 1 offer.

A Smart Alternative

My Case Is Different, I’m still going to Bootcamp


  • did I go to a coding bootcamp? Yes
  • did I have a blast, learned tons, and met interesting people? Absolutely!
  • did it help me find a job? Highly debatable[1]
  • would I recommend going to a full-time coding bootcamp without the finances to support a prolonged job hunt? F*CK NO



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